Hiring a Maid Service Is More Affordable Than You Think

Hiring a Maid Service Is More Affordable Than You Think

Compare Jen's Cleaning Service to our Muskegon, Twin Lake and Grand Haven, MI competitors

Growing up, you likely noticed the rich and famous in your favorite TV shows had a maid service to do their chores. But you don't have to be a celebrity to get help with your household cleaning duties. Jen's Cleaning Service, LLC offers house cleaning services for residents that are 50 miles of Muskegon, Michigan and go as far north as Silver Lake and as far south as Holland.

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How to choose the right maid service

You'll rest easy knowing that your cleaning company offers customized services for your home and budget. That's why you should ask these questions as you're doing your research:

How often will you clean the house?
Jen's Cleaning Service offers weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning contracts, as well as one-time services. We'll also clean your home before you move in or after you move out.

Do you clean vacation homes in the Twin Lake, MI area?
We do-we provide our standard house cleaning services as well as laundry service.

What kinds of cleaning products do you use?.
We're committed to doing right by our environment and clients, which is why we use all-natural Norwex products.

Have other questions for us? We'd be happy to answer them. Call or text 231-730-1013 now to learn more about our house cleaning services.